Therese De Haan    

Therese stems from a family of artists. She studied the violin from the age of 3 to 26 but discovered along the way that her true passion was drawing and painting.

Art school was only the beginning of a long quest to express her creative ideas on canvas and paper. Therese’s work is characterized by her strong figurative skills combined with deep emotional expressions.

Many of her works depict groups of human creatures and distorted nudes to convey some of these deep feelings that have led to their creation. However, most of their facial details are left open, or shrouded by eerie darkness which immediately intrigues. The figures often evoke a sense of something that is unsettling. What Therese captures in her work is a hybrid of the mythical figure with the other side of a dream.




Dara Feller

Dara Feller grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been creating art since she could hold a crayon. Her preferred medium is photography, but she is branching out and developing skills in digital design, ceramics, and painting. 

She is currently a studio art major at Chapman University and will be graduating in 2020. Her main focus is portraiture, but she is beginning to venture into abstraction.


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